There is only one proven way to get fair custody:

Submit solid evidence to the judge that they CANNOT legally ignore.  

Most people do not understand that judges can legally ignore anything you say (testimony) but are required to act on physical evidence submitted.

You may also be able to avoid an expensive trial using this information to educate your spouse. The Wall Street Journal reports that the average custody battle costs $78,000! And is is all so unnecessary and damaging to the children, parents and financial resources of the family.

For Years We Had Theories. Now We Have Real Answers!

This DVD summarizes the conclusions from over 200 scientific research studies conducted over 25+ years. It is the result of the largest compilation of research ever done on this topic. Many thousands of children were followed for 5, 10 and even 15 years after divorce to gather data.  It took Dr. Warren Farrell over thirteen years just to compile this research from many researchers for his book.

This DVD provides the answers based on tens of thousands of real-life experiences and hard scientific evidence collected over more than 20 years. This is not about theories and highly charged emotions typical in divorce courts - it is hard science about what works vest for children and families.

Learn why judges award sole custody to ONE parent as much as 92% of the time in many states and how to avoid this damaging scenario for your children. Every Judge, Lawyer and Parent Needs to View This Video!

Everything You Need to Understand the Ideal Custody Arrangement for Your Children - and Prove it to the Court too - is Contained in Our Evidence Kit.

Dear Parent,

Most judges and helping professionals know children of divorce do better when raised by both parents. However, when a mom feels “it would be best for my children to live with me,” even professionals assume she knows best, and miss cues that reveal her resistance to genuine shared parenting (such as saying “my children”).

Why is mom’s resistance to genuine shared parenting so easily missed? Because the understanding of the value of dad runs so shallow and because this massive system does what is easiest and most profitable for it.   My 13 years of research which generated the book Father and Child Reunion, changes that. It creates such depth of understanding about the value of dad that it shocks even dads. For example, did you know that children raised primarily by dads do better than children raised primarily by moms? Neither does your attorney. Or your judge.

  More importantly, this research will help you understand why dads are so crucial. For example, the more exposure to dad, the more empathetic your children are likely to be. Do you know why?   Informed passion can inspire the right attorney and judge too. Dr. Farrell's research is likely to move the judge to prioritize shared parenting.   However, an attorney appreciates this information in the form it will be given in court too.

After thirteen years of research Dr. Farrell produced a DVD, called In the Best Interests of the Child, that leads the attorney to the key questions to educate a judge as to why anything less than a dad’s equal involvement is putting the child at risk. At risk of everything from ADD to drugs, delinquency, depression, low self-esteem, teenage pregnancy, self-centeredness, poor social development, and underachievement in every academic area.

The practical result? Although this video is new judges in several states, who have not previously been inclined to equal father involvement, have already become committed to it.

Best Regards,

Dr. Warren Farrell, Author Father and Child Reunion

The Best Interests of the Child Two DVD Set

How to Save Our Children When We Can't Save our Marriage

An In-Depth Dialogue with
Dr. Warren Farrell, Author,
Father and Child Reunion, The largest   meta study ever done on what is best   for children of divorce.

Dr. Farrell may be the top expert on     the state-of-the-art on what the true     "best interest of the child" is today.



"Dr. Warren Farrell is the greatest expert on the importance of fathers. His DVD, The Best Interests of the Child, is incredible. Just incredible. It is chock-filled with insights and information. It is priceless."

--  Steve Ashley, Director of Divorced Fathers Network and Radio Show, Santa Cruz, CA.

WHAT YOU WILL GET: Imagine hiring one of the world's top minds to spend years to discover the best research, analyze it, and in two hours, answer all these questions and more for you:

  • What three conditions must prevail if your child is to have the best chance of doing well psychologically, socially, academically and physically?
  • Is an excellent stepparent as good-or better than-- a so-so biological parent?
  • If one parent has a job opportunity that will allow for the child to be in a nicer home and better school district, but it is across the country from the other parent, will moving be helpful to the child?
  • If your child can be in a "new intact family" that's peaceful and loving, but at a distance from a biological parent, is that better than being shuttled back-and-forth from mom to dad?
  • Are there certain advantages to your child being brought up primarily by mom, or primarily by dad? Does it make a difference if that child is a boy or a girl?
  • In high-conflict situations can shared parenting work for the child? If not, should the child be with the parent with whom the child has been living, or are there more important considerations?
  • How far apart is optimum for parents to live?
  • At what age should a child's parental preference be important? Which explanations for preference are actually signs the child should have more time with the other parent?
  • How important is overnight time with the child?

Submit this as evidence at your trial using our complete evidence kit.   This science practically requires judge's who are working under the "best interest of the child" doctrine to award equal/joint custody and shared parenting when there are two good parents. Anything else would be improper unless there is an unfit parent.Dr. Farrell is also available as an expert witness.

  • Debunk that sole custody or "mother custody" is best for children - IT'S NOT!
  • Results are from over 200 carefully evaluated scientific studies
  • Put your judge on the spot for any biased and sexist custody orders driven by tradition, not science and evidence
  • Judges MUST legally rule on the facts, evidence and the law, not any personal bias - But you must put the facts into evidence. Your lawyer may not.

Dr. Warren Farrell is a best selling author of seven books and one of the world's top experts on what is REALLY best for children of divorce. He spent 13 years gathering, reviewing and compiling over 200 scientific research studies on children of divorce

Dr. Farrell is the author of seven books including "Father and Child Reunion" and "Why Men Are The Way They Are". He has appeared on over 1,000 TV and radio shows, and been interviewed frequently by Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, Larry King and Peter Jennings. He has been featured repeatedly on 20/20 and in The New York Times, in People and, in men's journals, The Wall Street Journal, and on the Today Show, the Tomorrow Show, and many others.

Dr. Farrell is the author of Father and Child Reunion, based on more than a decade of analyzing the most significant studies on what is best for children of divorce. He has trained psychologists for more than thirty years. His books on men and women (e.g., Why Men Are The Way They Are and Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say) and on family finances (Why Men Earn More) are published in more than 50 countries and 13 languages. He has taught in five disciplines (most recently the School of Medicine at the University of California in San Diego) and been chosen by the Financial Times as one of the world's top 100 Thought Leaders. Dr. Farrell lives with his wife and teenage daughters in Carlsbad, California.

The video explains what is now 100% clear scientific fact and by far the best for children - not by 10% or 50%, but by ALL measures a factor of 6 to 20 times better. Educate your judge and win your case on what is best for your child(ren) too!

Judges and the divorce system are living in the dark ages and ruling based on tradition, myths, money and outdated sexist traditions, not reality, facts or science. If you want your children to do well in life you need to see this video and use it as evidence. If you want your children to grow up with a balanced perspective and not repeat the divorce cycle themselves - you need to see and use this video. Just as one example: Children who grow up in sole custody homes without a father have a 93% divorce rate! Don't let your children's lives be ruined by the divorce system. Know the facts so you can help them be successful in life.

Force your judge to watch this at trial by submitting it as evidence and you will not only help yourself but
you will benefit many other parents and children coming behind you.

This Valuable Information to Save Your Children From the Ravages of Divorce and the For-Profit Divorce Industry is available in Three Packages from Amazon by clicking an option below:

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The Truth about Custody: Evidence Package for Divorcing Parents (DVDs+CD+Book+eFiles)

One Audio CD Set (we recommend you educate yourself, your spouse and/or your attorney by offering this easy to listen to CD while driving).


One copy of the hardcover book "Father and Child Reunion" with all the footnotes and research references.


A collection of appropriate case law governing parental rights with over 250 case citations in a MS-Word file to use in your case and include in your court submissions and conclusions of law.


A list of research showing the custody arrangement that is superior for children and making your parenting plan/proposal consistent with this research.


Updates by email as we add more information to this package over time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

More Background on Dr. Farrell

Dr. Farrell is the author of Father and Child Reunion. The goal of Father and Child Reunion was to determine what is best for children of divorce. Dr. Farrell's findings are based on an analysis of the most significant studies world-wide. The result, Father and Child Reunion, is the most extensive recent analysis in book form of what is really in the best interests of children.

Although Dr. Farrell has trained psychologists for thirty years, he looks at the family from every perspective. For example, he has been selected by The Financial Times as one of the top 100 Thought Leaders in the world, and has also taught in five disciplines (most recently, the School of Medicine at the University of California in San Diego). Warren Farrell's most recent book--Why Men Earn More-- is on family finances and economics. Why Men Earn More was chosen by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top four career books to be read in 2006.  

Dr. Farrell can communicate complex ideas simply, which is why he has appeared repeatedly on Oprah and on 1,000 other TV and radio shows worldwide, and doubtless why two of his books-- Why Men Are The Way They Are and The Myth of Male Power --became international best sellers. Finally, his Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say teaches everyone in the family how to communicate.

No matter what your perspective or background, you will be fascinated with how Dr. Farrell brings child development, parenting and communications together in a way that is both so new and so sensible. Maybe that's because his research is also grounded in his real-life experience with his wife and two teenage daughters. It is only when all this is considered that we know what is best for our children.

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