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Judge Profiled in Father's Case Illegally Bans Book

With clear conflict of interest, no hearing on court record impoundment and no jurisdiction judge Manzi tries to ban a book by ordering Kevin not to disseminate it! Luckily we already had an agreement to distribute it and this order does not apply to us!
This is just a typical, daily illegal act by a judge done for their personal self-interest.

You need to know what you are in for in these corrupt family courts. The game is rigged for women, lawyers and the states to get billions in federal funding by taking away your children. If you do not learn about this you will be booby trapped at trial - your own lawyer is likely to sell you out when it is to late.

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The Tyranny Against Fathers, Family, and Freedom
by John M. Flaherty , PhD

An epidemic of deadbeat dads and batterers?

Don't You Believe it!

Fathers are not running away from their children and responsibilities. They're not abusers and batterers ready to beat their wives to a pulp. That's all well-funded propaganda and the exception, not the rule.

Our Family Court system forces fit fathers away from their children, throws them in jail, makes them destitute, or nearly so, often jails them when they have done nothing wrong.

And why...for the money, power, and agenda that such a tyrannical system gives to a whole industry of family court and domestic violence affiliated people and organizations, known collectively as the Divorce and Domestic Violence Industry. Billions in federal kickbacks flow to states for increased child support making a fatherless home a profitable home for the state. This enormously powerful industry fosters the unconstitutional tyranny that feeds off fit fathers and your taxes, while destroying these fathers - hundreds of thousands of them - their families, and the freedom and equality that our Constitution promises.

As a father you will lose your parental rights when the mother wants you to. Inmost courts she can simply SAY the word "fear" and bring the entire domestic violence industry down on you - instantly taking away you children, home and even 90% of your income! This is a FACT - not an exaggeration! And it is happening to THOUSANDS of fathers and damaging their children every single day.


  • How this tyranny came about, who made it happen, how it's implemented, where the rights violations occur in the family court process, who's responsible, why they're not held accountable
  • How this tyranny remains unknown or misunderstood to the average person on the street?
  • How child support orders coupled with tax laws create unwilling deadbeat dads at almost all levels of income and PROFIT for states
  • What fathers must demand to assure constitutional protection and equality for themselves, as well as mothers and to get the vast moneyed interests of the industry off their backs and out of the system, and to take back justice
  • How to help restore our constitutional freedoms

You need to read this to understand this system.

John M. Flaherty, a Ph.D. physicist, research scientist, and teacher, has help found nonprofits CPF/The Fatherhood Coalition, chartered to let the people know, and Liberty Bell Union, to teach fathers how to fight for their rights. 

He's fought many legal battles and knows this system well. His advice might help save your children and generations of children of divorce to come.

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The ultimate evidence you need to submit at your trial on why shared parenting, not sole custody with visitation, is by far superior for children. This is based on 13 years of research and over 200 scientific studies. Dr. Warren Farrell is one of the world's top experts in this area and is an expert witness. This was developed to train judges and should be required viewing for every judge as these people are decades behind the times in understanding this issue and running on tradition, not science. It will help you and your children avoid the ravages of divorce.

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THE BIBLE on Saving Your Children From the Ravages of Divorce.

This is the best resource available on why and how shared parenting is by far best for children of divorce when there are two fit parents. Over 200 scientific research footnotes showing that shared parenting is in the "best interest of the child". You should force your judge to read this by submitting this as evidence.

This should be read by all divorcing parents, judges and lawyers and submitted as evidence for those wishing for shared (near equal) parenting, not sole custody with limited visitation which does not prepare children to be successful.

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