Expert Witness Services For Divorce and Custody

Dr. Warren Farrell - Custody and divorce expert witness in what is best for children of divorce and joint parenting

Dr. Warren Farrell's divorce and custody related services

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1) A Parenting Report and Analysis - Dr. Farrell visits you to observe you with your children. He employs his writing skills to create a “Parenting Observation Report” that creates such clear pictures of your skills as a dad (assuming you are a good dad) that the judge experiences both intellectually and emotionally exactly why it would be a crime for your children to have your parenting guidance less than half the time. When the mother’s attorney reads the report, even if she or he tries to ignore your value, it is harder to ignore Dr. Farrell’s explanation of why, if shared parenting does not work, dad being the primary parent usually works better than mom being the primary parent. Most attorneys see how this can change everything. Until that point, since shared parenting was the worst-case scenario, mom had nothing to lose by continuing to fight. Now it is apparent that mom’s resistance to shared parenting could lead to dad being the primary parent. (Which has happened with some of Dr. Farrell’s clients.) When the attorney and mom additionally learn of Dr. Farrell’s lifetime as a persuasive public speaker and his credentials as the world’s leading male feminist prior to feminism leading the charge against father involvement, they want to keep Dr. Farrell from testifying. It takes this leverage for the mom’s attorney to be able to persuade the mom to settle out of court with a genuine shared parenting plan. If an out-of-court settlement does not materialize, Dr. Farrell’s time with you and your children serve well to qualify him as an expert whose research is directly relevant to your personal skills as a dad. And, of course, his time with you as a dad allows his testimony to be far more powerful, and the judge to have a written report that creates an emotional attachment to you as a dad. This in-person option is more expensive than telephonic testimony, but it is the most likely to give your children their dad. And if it leads to an out-of-court settlement, it could save all the costs of a court appearance, including your attorney’s costs, child support payments, and the increased animosity of continued legal battles that will wreak havoc on the children’s psyches for their entire lives.

2) Telephone Testimony on the Best Interest of Children - Dr. Farrell can also testify via telephone on the general findings of his research. When he did this in West Virginia recently (November, 2007), it led to not only the judge being so persuaded that he dismissed other witnesses to extend Dr. Farrell’s testimony to inquire about his other cases, but to the mom’s attorney doing the same thing! Dr. Farrell will answer questions personally via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

3) Full service in-person evaluation and testimony with help to attempt agreement without a trial.


Dr. Warren Farrell


You can also email Dr. Warren Farrell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your situation. He will set up a free phone consultation if he feels he can be of help. Depending on your situation, he will recommend anything from telephonic testimony on the importance of shared parenting to doing a parenting report followed up by a personal appearance in court. Some details…

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