The Divorce and Custody Coach - The Alternative to Expensive Family Court Battles

Expert Witness, Trained Court Watcher and Divorce Coach

A Divorce Coach can save you tens of thosands of dollars as well as
emotional anguish by using methods that lawyers cannot and will not use.

Lawyers take an oath to the judicial system which is superior to clients.
They work an adversarial system, not a collaborative ot cooperative one.

Today is costs $78,000 for the average divorce, as reported by The Wall Street Journal


Your divorce can be one of the most damaging and expensive things that ever happens to you. Unfortunately the divorce industry is set up as a government monopoly to benefit one group of people - those in the divorce industry, expecially attorneys.

Attorneys will happily charge you $200, $300, even $500 or more per hour to educate you about things you could read on-line for free. They also have a direct conflict of interest -- the more difficult and time consuming the divorce -- the more money they make. The Wall Street Journal reports the average cost of a contested divorce is now $78,000! This is not because they do valuable work. It is because the system is designed to maximize work from them, not do what is best for families, children and your assets. You need to work around, not through the legal system as much as possible. 

Because it is easy to manipulate people in this situation, when emotions are flaring, divorce lawyers have developed this into a very profitable, though often unethical, art. As a result they often end up getting 40% of your estate often including your home equity, retirement funds and all your other assets, while also destroying the bonds between ex-spouses and even parent-child bonds too.

Before you call an attorney, talk to a Divorce Coach or Mediator.
We offer a free phone consultation and can help in any state.

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What Can We Offer?

I will work with you, and your spouse if appropriate, to plan a transition and resolve things practically and quickly - not using the expensive and adversarial legal system any more than necessary. It may even be possible to submit an "Uncontested" divorce to save tens of thousands in attorney fees and unmeasurable pain. A coach can save you a forrtune worth years of work, maybe even enough to pay for a quality college education for your children. Why? Becauase the costs of divorce can continue for as long as 23 years in some states. You will be sucked back into the system regularly if you do not get an amicable divorce, with cooperation. 

Even attorneys and judges agree that this system is completely incompetent at handling delicate, family matters. Because this industry is a government monopoly run by lawyers, it is not only inefficient, but it is also enormously destructive to the family's relationships and it's assets. In fact most people who go through this system eventually realize far too late that their divorce lawyers provide little or no real value, only further damage, at an extremely high cost. Most people feel "ripped off" by this system by the end of their divorce. And they are. They paid for the destruction of their estate adn relationships, and often scar children for life.

If you depend on lawyers in this system you are turning your children and destiny over to government workers who care and know little about your family - nothing could be more risky. Lawyer's fundamental operating rules are destructive, not constructive. They separate teh parties, instead of helping communication as a mediator would do. Which builds paranoia, animosity and long-term friction that could never go away.

Although this may sound unbelievable to many this is all very well documented. The book "Taken Into Custody" by Dr. Stephen Baskerville exposes this system's many conflicts of interest and the billions in federal matching funds to states that drive up child support each year by awarding damaging sole-custody to one parent. All 50 states get kickbacks of nearly 23% of your child support payments paid into the judicial system to fund judges salaries. Yes, that is right every family court judge in the United States has a built in conflict of interest in every case! This is even a breach of their oath of office not to sit on any case when there is an appearance of conflict. So basically they get to set the child support, which they get a percentage of. Visa gets about 2% to collect funds, while state judicial systems get paid 23%. Hum?! 

The divorce process will do far more damage to you, your soon to be ex-spouse and your children than the divorce itself. Some say lawyers intentionally "pour gasoline on the fire" to drive up conflict and legal fees. I have seen this happen many times and some lawyers even admit this happens every day. Many even encourage their clients to do illegal things like invoking the draconian domestic violence laws when there is no domestic violence. This immediately damages the family and children but they like this because it sets up their client for a long, hard and expensive divorce process by shutting down direct communications between the couple completely.

Why use a divorce coach and not a lawyer if possible?  Because of these problems with divorce attorneys that can be avoided including:

  1. Lawyers have major conflicts of interest due to their fee structure and standard "legal" practices that exacerbate the problems. These practices were designed to protect criminals with due process, not for divorce. Thye are 100% adversarial, deisgned to create one winner and one loser. They will not, however, protect your parental rights and estate.
  2. Lawyers use a legal, not a practical, approach which includes shutting down communications between the couple. This standard lawyer operating procedure virtually guarantees a longer process and higher fees for them. The #1 priority should be to leave lines of communication open as anyone who ever took a negotiations course knows. The #1 rule of mediators is leave lines of communications open. What does this tell you? 
  3. Lawyers will shut down communications between the couple because their system is adversarial, not designed to resolve things by mediation, arbitration or agreement. The result is that often 40% or more of all your assets go to the lawyers and any savings, college fund and retirements funds are often wiped out completely. This sneaks up on you over many months or years of conflict that lawyers encourage. 
  4. Lawyers have very high hourly rates, not justified by the value they contribute, only made possible by the monopolistic practices of the industry cartel called The American Bar Association (ABA) and each state Bar Association. They lobby for laws, and many are LEgislators too, that maximize their fees. This has been happening for over four decades and getting worse every year. 
  5. Lawyers are more concerned about not confronting judges, who they see regularly, than with what is best for their clients and their client's children. This is an "old boys club" that wants to maintain its monopoly and run you through a long, agonizing and expensive process. The judical system makes literally billions of dollars a year (which pays judges and staff) from a federal program called "Title IV-D". This means they get around 23% of every dollar of child "support" they order and collect. A clear conflict of interest and bias for every judges in every case towards sole custody, which has been proven very harmful to children.  See this video on how the first "Temporary Order" hearing is almost always a civil rights violation to set up the expensive case.
  6. Attorneys want you to let them work through other attorneys to drive up fees and keep the clock running without you there. Each sentence and line of a letter will cost you dearly. They maintain control of the process by telling you as little as possible - in my view this is unethical behavior and yet it is standard practice for divorce attorneys.
  7. Most everyone knows that most attorneys have questionable loyalties and ethics. Surveys show trust of attorneys by the public is way under used car salespeople, and with good reason - attorneys take whatever position the party that pays them takes and therefore must have a "flexible moral integrity" to even become an attorney.

Divorce attorneys and judges have a complete lack of understanding of what is "best for children". They actaully have no training at all in this area. Some say they even want to maintain that ignorance to generate more and longer custody battles for themselves. Often the children are not even on their radar screen because they want to "win" money for the client to justify their high fees. This creates even higher conflict and causes a destructive, and profitable divorce process for lawyers. Attorneys use paranoia, separation, fear mongering and other scare tactics to control the case and keep it going longer.

BOTTOM LINE: Do not trust any divorce attorney!  Even a relative as their reflexes are to use a system that is destructive. Do not trust them to do what is in your best interest. They will do what is in their own best interest every time.

The Alternative to Lawyers - Alternate Dispute Resolution is Superior in Every Way.

There are a few strategies that can be used to avoid the pain and destruction of a divorce that are dependent on your particular circumstances. A divorce coach simply helps you select the right strategy and manage the process efficiently. By providing knowledge and experience a coach can guide you through this process and help you avoid the traps. The relatively minor cost of a divorce coach will likely save both you and your spouse tens of thousands of dollars each in legal fees -- and even more long-term pain and suffering for you and your children.

I do this as a passion to help people because the divorce business is in bad need of reform and destroys families and children financially and economically by default. This can be avoided with some minimal planning and level of cooperation. I am personally involved in divorce reform efforts at both the state and federal levels and have met with legislators and others to expose and reform this damaging system. It now impacts 26 million children negatively, and a similar number of parents, every year.

Our goal is to be "child-centric" taking the children as the most fragile and important part of the divorce process. Money can be replaced but it is easy to do irreparable damage to children that will impact them for the rest of their lives in negative ways. We do not try to "win" for one party or the other. We try to do a fair and equitable agreement and separation that will save the assets of the marriage from plundering by lawyers. The #3 reason for bankruptcy is divorce and so it is important to plan financially as costs will most likely go up and income may, or may not.

What a Divorce Coach can do to create an amiable divorce or separation:

Our primary objective is to develop a plan and get to closure quickly with a minimum of emotional and financial damage to all parties. This will most often take six to twelve months to full complete (due to legal filings needed) but the plan itself can be developed in weeks. Protecting the children will be the highest priority. We will do this by:

  1. Helping set your strategy to minimize financial cost and emotional damage. Having a plan early is the key and lawyers will lead you down the expensive and adversarial path without one.
  2. Developing a financial plan for a transitional period and your new life after the divorce is final, or to have a separation that has minimal trama for all.
  3. Helping you understand what works best for your children and plan for minimum damage (some is unavoidable)
  4. Helping maintain civil communications and a productive relationship with your ex-spouse
  5. Being an unbiased, third party advisor who can provide independent and outside perspective
  6. Providing referrals and guidance to other needed services before, during and after the divorce process

The Process We Use:

  1. Sign engagement agreement
  2. Discovery Process (financial and living situation) - 1-3 weeks
  3. Development of Transition Plan for couple and children - 1-4 weeks
  4. Development of a 2-3 year personal budget - 1-4 weeks
  5. Reach a fair agreement on asset distribution - varies greatly due to need for agreement
  6. Development a parenting plan - also varies greatly but we start with simple boilerplates (while attorneys will develop everything custom on the clock)
  7. Submission to court and closure - as legal submission process allows by state laws for uncontested divorce (no trial, elaborate discovery and savings of tens of thousands of dollars)


PackageIncluded ServicesAverage Cost 
A $500 non-refundable deposit is required for all options. Credit cards accepted.
Complete Start to Finish Service Full guidance through an "average" divorce over the course of 6 to 12 months which involves children and some significant assets. Includes customized development of the a transition calendar, milestones, parenting plan and financial plan(s) shown below.


Thats not even $125/month when lawyers will charge you $200-$400/hour.


Strategy & Milestones

Financial Plan & Budgets

Parenting Plan

Development of three plans specific to your situation:

1) Customized, timeline and milestones for the separation and transition to minimize cost and damage to family bonds and children. Having an agreed upon calendar can often keep things moving.

2) Customized parenting plan detailing the time each parent and child(ren) will get with both parents. Research shows children do far better with near equal time and so that is always our ideal recommended starting point.

3) Financial plan and budget.

As a coach we will develop a draft for you to add more detail to with two iterations standard. You may wish to work directly with your spouse, this is ideal, but sometimes difficult. You may also work with a mediator, or we can have separate conversations with both parties (unlike attorneys who can not do this). We do NOT recommend an attorney at this stage.

This can then be submittted as an uncontested divorce, skipping the legal systems opportunity to devistate your estate. 


As Needed

Use only as needed to answer specific questions

In this case we cannot take no responsibility for the overall process, outcome or plans, only advise and answer questions as needed, provide resources and referrals. Our budget spreadsheets, parenting plans and other agreements are available for a small fee.

$100/hour with a 2.5 hour minimum in advance. 

3 hour minimum prepaid.

Please be advised that the average divorce using lawyers now costs $78,000 according to The Wall Street Journal.
In some states it will be $100,000 or more!
The average mediation is $3,000 to $5,000.
Why do you think this gap is so big?

Call (508) 381-8013 today for a free 20 minute consultation to
determine if using a divorce coach can benefit you.


We are not lawyers, mediators, psychologists or therapists and do not offer specific legal, medical or psychological advice. We help you avoid more expensive legal confrontation by going around the legal system as much as possible. Divorce law varies by state, though there is 85% overlap and common problems caused by legal practices and federal financial incentives. We can not represent you in court. Lawyers have made it a crime to practice law without being part of their ABA cartel. This is a private coaching and consulting relationship with a confidential and fiduciary relationship and requires the signing of a letter of engagement. A $500 deposit is required to start. The hourly rate is a fraction of what lawyers charge and will facilitate a quick resolution, instead of a dragged out battle. 

Estimates are based on an average situation. The goal is to minimize cost and pain of the process for you, your children and your spouse. We may, where legal, offer negotiation, mediation or other additional services that will get to a divorce settlement more quickly. Our goal is to make regular progress continuing to take issues off the table at each step. Depending on your situation you may be required to read certain materials, books and/or even attend classes (required in some states). Credit cards are accepted.

NOTE: If you want to deny your spouse all time with your children, and there is not serious physical abuse, we will refuse to work with you and recommend you seek other kinds of personal and/or professional help as this is damaging to children. Denying children access to either parent is called "Parental Alienation" (PA) or "Hostile Aggressive Parenting" and is abusive behavior to the children in over 90% of cases.  This is indicative of serious psychological and/or emotional problems with the parent and in some states is reason for them to lose custody. Conditions indicated by this behavior may include bi-polar disorder, borderline personality disorder, clinical narcissism, low self-esteem and other mental conditions which we are not equipped to deal with and need professional psycological help.


Bob Norton started his career as a computer programmer in 1981, became a Director of Software Development in 1984, Vice President of Engineering in 1986 and in 1989 founded his first company as a CEO. He has grow two companies to over $100 million in sales and done philanthropic work since 1995.

Mr. Norton is an author and speaker and also runs seminars for CEO's as the president of C-Level Enterprises, Inc. C-Level develops and distributes training and information products for several markets and does coaching work. He is not an attorney and will take offense to any comment which implies he is, though he has done much of his own legal work since 1989.  He does this at a fraction of his normal hourly rates because it is his objective to save children and families from the ravages of divorce inflicted by the intentionally incompetent legal system that he himself endured. 

Due to his own divorce situation and the damage it did to his children and him he has decided to dedicate many years of philanthropic work towards divorce reform efforts. Previously he has done philanthropic work for children, including raising millions in funding for K-12 school technology and teaching low income children sailing to build character and confidence. As a CEO since 1989 he is very experience in legal matters, negotiation, management and leadership. He teaches a CEO Boot Camp and coaches CEOs at a significantly higher hourly rate than this divorce coaching work which is part of his divorce reform efforts to build a better model for this industry.

Mr. Norton is dedicated to complete reform of the broken and corrupt divorce system, which awards sole custody as much as 92% of the time. They will lie about and obscur this fact any way they can though by pretending "Legal Custody" matters when it reall does not.  This inspite of the fact that all the credible scientific research has proven that sole custody is the most harmful situation for children.  It is clear to anyone who studies this that the divorce industry is corrupted by both its pursuit of money and by obsolete traditions. This is causing great damage to children, the U.S. and its families. It impact 26,000,000 at any one time and has cause skyrocketing problems like teen suicide, teen pregnancy, gang violence, mass school shootings, cutting, depression, eating disorders and many more by the millions. It is clear today that over 50% of mental health issues are cuased by divorce judges awarding sole custody.

Mr. Norton has been working with legislators and others to drive massive reform ASAP. This work began in 2005 and divorce coaching is just one means to this reform goal. This is one for of Alternative Dispute Resolution" *ADR). There are currently over 100 non-profit organizations dedicated to divorce reform but a for-profit model is required to reform this $100+ billion industry due to the financial momentum and vested interests that resist change to maintain these ill gotten profits by causing damage.

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We offer a free 15-20 minute phone consultation to evaluate your situation.
After that a $500 deposit is required to begin.  

See a free video course on the unlawful operations of the family courts in all 50 states here.

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