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Dr. Farrell's Expert Witness Services For Custody and Child Issues in Divorce
(Available in all states in person or telephonically)

How Can You “Win” Your Case and Save Your Children
From the Ravages of our Divorce and Legal System?


Dear Parent or legal professional:

Unfortunately our family court system is severely broken.  It has evolved over the last couple decades to be very efficient at generating as much work and money as possible for lawyers, the judicial system and states. It has totally lost touch with its real mission: To HELP parents and children separate with a minimum of pain, damage and cost. The damage being done is catastrophic. In fact it can be shown that 85% of the time this system orders the worst possible custody situation for children and families!

As Dr. Farrell proved with 13 years of work by collecting all the best research from around the world, we know two parents are far better than one and create a much healthier child in the vast majority of cases. This is proven by all twenty different measures of children watched over 10, 15 and even 20 years. In fact whenever it is possible both parents should share parenting as equally as possible – 50-50 is ideal. It is clear that most judges have little understanding of what is truly best for children. Dr. Farrell discussed the three major biases in the video.  In fact most judges believe the opposite of what is true in most cases based on tradition, sexist beliefs and self-interests. They believe sole-custody is better if one parent says there is “difficulty”. So that parent can easily ”win” by claiming there is difficulty. The system is set up to fail children and families most of the time.  We have yet to see a proper training program on this topic for judges, and Dr. Farrell is trying to set these up nationwide. Please call if you could help or connect our office with appropriate contacts. 

We are committed to changing the legal system and the damage it does to children. Your evidence kit will go a long way in educating you, your spouse, the judge and the lawyers involved about what the true "Best Interest of Children" is today. However, the practices of this industry are ingrained and based on the generation of money and self-interest of the people who run the system.  Because it is a government monopoly they are not forced to make customers happy or do a good job in any way. Yet children need love, nurturing and other things that are not about the money and asset focus of the divorce system.


Options to consider that can help you win for your children:

  • A Full Analysis and Parenting Report - Dr. Farrell is available to visit you and your children to observe and put together an expert witness report on your parenting. Then he can testify in court to your value and relationship with your children, as well as general principals about equal parenting. Few experts have the experience and credibility of Dr. Farrell in this area. This is a time consuming and expensive proposition but will pay dividends long-term in reduced damage to the children, reduced ongoing legal costs and hopefully more fair child support expenses when both parents are being parents, instead of just one parent and one wallet.
  • Testimony on the Best Interest of Children generally - Dr. Farrell can also testify on the general principals of his work and research telephonically or in person. This is without meeting you or your children. This has turned judges around in the past and will certainly educate them and move them to understand that equal parenting is FAR superior for children. This can be done for a much lower cost than a special trip, analysis and report, and also may have a large impact on the outcome of your case.


Dr. Farrell’s office can be contacted at: (760) 753-5000 to discuss his expert witness services.


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